This tool can view around tweets, conversation and retweeter's reactions from Twitter search result.

Advanced twitter search operators

operators description and/or example
OR OR search. ex)#fortnite OR #pubg
since:YYYY-MM-DD filter tweets by date. ex)since:2018-01-01
until:YYYY-MM-DD filter tweets by date. ex)until:2018-01-01
from:SCREEN_NAME search tweets FROM specified user. ex) from:ryomatsu
to:SCREEN_NAME search tweets TO specified user. ex) to:ryomatsu
filter:images search tweets with images. ex) #fortnite filter:images
filter:videos search tweets with videos. ex) #fortnite filter:images
filter:links search tweets with links. ex) #fortnite filter:links
filter:verified search tweets from verified users. ex) #fortnite filter:verified
source:client filter tweets by client name
near:PLACE within:RADIUS filter tweets by places
geocode:LAT,LON,RADIUS filter tweets by more acculate place
lang:LANGUAGE_CODE filter tweets by language. ex) #fortnite lang:ja
min_retweets:COUNT filter tweets by retweets count. ex) #fortnite min_retweets:100
min_faves:COUNT filter tweets by faves count. ex) #fortnite min_faves:100
min_replies:COUNT filter tweets by replies count. ex) #fortnite min_replies:100
About Twitter Authentication

This web application uses Twitter OAuth.

This uses Read-Only permission. So This app can't tweet anything, Follow anyone.

Please see authentication page for more information.




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